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Russia dropped four places in the ranking of countries in terms of Internet speed

Russia has dropped four places in the ranking of countries with the fastest internet in a year, behind Brazil and Saudi Arabia. Operators claim that the result is influenced by users of archive tariffs with a low connection speed
Russia has lost four points in the ranking of countries with the fastest fixed Internet in a year. Kommersant writes about this with reference to an Okla. study based on data from an application for measuring connection speed Speediest.

 At the same time, the average fixed Internet speed in Russia increased by 37% over the year, the authors of the study noted. According to them, in large cities, the connection speed is much higher than in small ones.

According to the study, MTS became the leader among Russian Internet providers with an average download speed of 71.97 Mbps and a file upload speed of 79.13 Mbps. The second place was taken by ER-Telecom (66.52 Mbps and 73.70 Mbps.

respectively), the third – by VimpelCom (57.29 Mbps and 65.18 Mbps). The slowest among large telecom operators were Rostelecom (50.11 Mbps and 45.52 Mbps) and TTK (50.11 Mbps and 45.52 Mbps), according to the study.

A VimpelCom representative, in a conversation with Kommersant, called the Ookla study “controversial”, noting that users run Speedtest only when they feel problems with the Internet, so the analysis results can be shifted to the area of “problem” connections.

The press service of Rostelecom stated that it is incorrect to evaluate the average communication speed in isolation from the connected tariff, since it is low on a number of archival tariff plans.

According to the CEO of TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov, the technology used by the provider also affects the speed. “Rostelecom still has subscribers connected via ADSL. Without taking into account these users, the provider would be in first place in terms of speeds, ”the analyst said.

Slow Internet in small towns, according to Kuskov, is explained by the fact that in the regions there are often fewer backbone networks and fewer operators, which means that competition is weaker. A representative of Rostelecom confirmed that “other Internet providers, as a rule, do not develop networks in small settlements.

” Rostelecom itself, according to him, is building optical infrastructure throughout the country, including sparsely populated and hard-to-reach areas. The press service of the TTK explained the difference in Internet speed in large and small cities by the difference in tariff plans that are in demand by users and the performance of subscriber equipment.

Compared to the previous month, the indicator increased by more than 10%, and by 72.8% over the year, reports with reference to the portal.

Kazakhstan in the global ranking of countries in terms of mobile Internet speed for the month soared by 9 points at once – from 95th to 86th place. This is 10th in terms of monthly growth among the 134 countries participating in the ranking. Brunei moved most noticeably in the ranking – immediately to 23 positions.

Among the countries of the EAEU and Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan (+8), Belarus (+5) and Uzbekistan (+4) showed a noticeable increase in the ranking. Tajikistan (+3) and Russia (+1) also improved their positions, while Armenia went down in the rating compared to the previous month – by 4 positions.

In Kazakhstan, the speed of mobile Internet in April 2021 amounted to 27.01 Mbps – 22.5% higher than last month, and immediately more than one and a half times higher than last year. Kazakhstan took 86th place in the global rating in terms of mobile Internet speed, despite the fact that a month earlier it ranked 95th, and a year earlier – only 103rd place.

The UAE (190.87 Mbps) leads in terms of mobile Internet speed, followed by South Korea (186.06 Mbps) and Qatar (181.43 Mbps).

Among the countries of the EAEU and Central Asia, Kazakhstan is only ahead of Armenia (82nd place) with a mobile Internet speed of 29.38 Mbps. Other countries yielded to Kazakhstan: Russia ranked 87th with a speed of 26.86 Mbps, Kyrgyzstan took 93rd place with a speed of 24.51 Mbps.

Belarus, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, despite the improvement in their positions, occupy 119th, 124th and 127th places in the global ranking, respectively.

Access to the mobile Internet in the Republic of Kazakhstan is offered by three mobile operators: Kar-Tel LLP (Beeline trademark and izi mobile digital mobile operator), Kcell JSC (Kcell and Аctiv trademarks), Mobile Telecom-Service LLP ( trademarks “Tele 2” and Altel).

By April of this year, Beeline was the absolute leader in the number of cellular subscribers in Kazakhstan: 9.5 million. Kcell (8.1 million subscribers) and Tele2/Altel (6.5 million subscribers) followed.

The number of cellular subscribers with access to the Internet in the Republic of Kazakhstan at the beginning of April 2021 amounted to 16.1 million, which is 9.4% more than last year. Of these, 15.9 million subscribers (+9.5% per year) have access to the Internet using high-speed broadband access.

The density of cellular subscribers with high-speed broadband mobile Internet has also increased from 78 to 84 per 100 people over the past year.

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