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Internet in the USA. How much does it cost and what is the speed.

Here I just moved to Texas, I have not connected the Internet yet, today is only the second day in the new apartments, and in Florida I have been using the services of one company for all three years, and not because it is so cool, I like their Internet so much, but it was just such a monopoly in all of central Florida.

And in all the apartments where I lived, you either use their services or get yourself satellite Internet. Satellite Internet is still slower than cable, although this one was also not (damn, what is it called) fiber optic Internet, I don’t know what it’s called. In my opinion, DSL is telephone.

And this one is connected by cable, but not by optical fiber. Internet is lousy. In Florida, at first I bought 10 megabytes of upload, I paid 55 dollars a month. And the Internet was lousy, it seems like you check on it seems that there are 10 megabytes, but sometimes you watch movies – it gets dull, interrupted, although 10 megabytes, or megabits, per second, in principle, should be enough . I paid $55 a month for this shit.

Then I upgraded a bit, I took television in addition to the Internet, and this package is Internet and Television, I paid $ 120 for it a month, but there the Internet was already 30 megabits per second. Problems with watching videos disappeared, but still the Internet was not very good.

Sometimes he slowed down. It was together with television 120. And the company was called Birdhouse, so if you move to central Florida and you have the opportunity to buy some other Internet besides Birdhouse, take it, you will not regret it, because Birdhouse is a horror, not a company, just some kind of shame .

I had a lot of problems with Birdhouse: with the connection, with the replacement of the service. You write to him in a sport or call, you order a person to come to you either to repair or connect, they: “Yes, yes, yes, that’s it, they’ll come. They say: “So, but he came, there was no one at home.”

Like no one was there if I was at home. And this happened not once, several times. I contacted them the other day to cut off services since I moved to Texas. The girl in the sport told me that she had already set the date when the Internet would turn off. The other day I receive a beat to pay, and the beat is calculated without a cut-off date for a full month.

It turns out again twenty-five. He said to turn it off, she said that she entered the date into the system when it turned off, but I still beat it not before the shutdown date, but for a full month. Something like that. Birdhouse, if you have the opportunity to disconnect from it, disconnect. Moved here to Texas, I will have a Timeworkers provider. Big ISP, not only in Texas, many states have it.

And the Internet – for $ 60, in Florida I bought 10 megabits for $ 55, here for 60 it will be 30 megabits. In theory, it is faster and cheaper than in Florida, but I don’t know how they are with the service. Wait and see. There is in America … Faye’s from Verizon is starting to be very popular.

and this is precisely the fiber-optic Internet. It is a little more expensive, in my opinion, 70-75 per month, but, in my opinion, there are 30 megabits per second. It’s like fiber optics. And fiber optics should be much better than the usual cable Internet.

Recall that Tele2 ended 2020 as the winner in the nominations “The fastest mobile Internet speed”, “Best coverage” and “Best mobile network” in Kazakhstan. And in 2021, the operator confirmed its position by once again receiving the award for the fastest mobile Internet in the country from Okla..

Tele2 CEO Sergey Kinkos:

“The steady receipt of awards from year to year confirms the correctness of all the efforts that the company is making to develop the network, create and maintain infrastructure, improve Internet speed both in large cities and in remote locations – such as villages connected as part of the program “250+”.

The confident leadership in the speed of mobile Internet over the past years is not only an incentive for further development in this direction, but also a big challenge in maintaining the title of the operator with the fastest Internet.”

Tele2 Kazakhstan, which is part of the Kazakh telecom group of companies, can be proud of not only the stability in awarding it awards for Internet speed. The operator constantly introduces new technologies in the telecom market of the country.

Representatives of Okla., who recognized the success of the Tele2 operator, noted that behind this award there is a lot of work and effective management methods.

“Okla.’s Speediest Awards are the elite awards for the fastest and most efficient fixed broadband and mobile operators around the world. We are delighted to present Tele2 with the award for the fastest mobile network in Kazakhstan.

This is a testament to their exceptional quality in Q1-Q2 2022 based on Okla.’s thorough analysis of tests initiated by consumers using the Speediest app,” said Okla. CEO Doug Suttles.

Okla. Okla. trademarks are used under license and reprinted with permission.

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