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best life in uk Why the UK is the best country for permanent residence.

In this article I will talk about why, when choosing a country for permanent residence, you should choose the UK.

If you can’t decide on a country to immigrate to, or are already thinking about moving to the UK, but still struggling with doubts, be sure to read to the end.

1. Stability and confidence in the future

Britain is historically a country of centuries-old traditions, which is reflected in everything – from the way of life to the features of the legislative system.

When you move to the UK, you can be sure that a significant part of the rules that were in effect at the time of your arrival will remain the same and will not violate your long-term plans.

If changes occur (for example, changes in immigration laws), you will be notified in advance.

As for the economy, even in the midst of global inflation and the economic crisis, the UK maintains its position as a leader in international rankings of countries in terms of living standards and conditions for doing business.

Recently, analysts have recorded a strong growth in the British service sector and a significant increase in exports. The specialists note that such dynamics testifies to the stability of the British economy and its recovery after the global shocks of recent years.

2. High-quality education for you and your family, recognized around the world

It’s no secret that the British education system is considered a benchmark of quality.

The modern educational system in Great Britain consists of four stages: primary, secondary, vocational (or post-secondary) and higher education.

School education in the UK is famous for its versatile approach. The educational system is built in such a way that at each stage the student not only develops knowledge in subjects, but also actively engages in sports and creativity, cultivating skills and qualities that will be useful in adult life.

Higher education in the UK is distinguished by an applied approach and close connection with the industry chosen by the student. British diplomas of education are widely recognized around the world, opening up brilliant prospects for life and career.

British campuses (campuses) are recognized as some of the best in the world. On their territory there are libraries, laboratories, sports complexes, studios, student cafes and other resources necessary for students.

3. Developed transport infrastructure for fast and comfortable travel

The UK has one of the most developed transport networks in Europe, so it will not be difficult for you to quickly get to a neighboring country for a business meeting or arrange a so-called “long weekend” in nature.

The most popular modes of transport are air and rail, as well as water transport.

If you’re looking for budget travel options, low-cost carriers such as Ryanair, easyJet and WizzAir offer numerous scheduled flights to most popular domestic and international destinations.

Another well-known operator in the UK, Eurostar, provides high-speed passenger rail services in Europe, connecting London and Kent in the UK with the cities of Paris and Lille in France and Brussels in Belgium.

4. Picturesque nature and cultural heritage

If you still decide to spend your holidays within the UK, then its tourist potential will not disappoint you.

Great Britain is famous for its parks and historical sites (more than 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites), and its nature is picturesque and diverse.

In addition, many public museums in the UK are free of charge, and you can purchase a special membership (museum membership) to visit thematic exhibitions.

5. Favorable ecology and mild climate

“Great Britain is a country of rain and fog” is a myth that has led many to the erroneous impression that it rains in London and other cities without ceasing.

The UK climate is really humid, but not at all harsh, especially compared to the countries and regions where Russian-speaking migrants come from.

Here, spring begins early and warm autumn continues for a long time, and the weather in summer is conducive to spending holidays within the country.

6. Multiculturalism and equal opportunities

If you live in the UK, you do not need to travel to another country to be among the many nationalities and cultures.

Being in such an environment opens up opportunities for personal growth and networking, as well as for developing the horizons of your children.

In the UK, a person of any nationality can achieve career success. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is proof of this.

7. Opportunity to learn and practice English in the motherland of the language

Would you like to improve your English?

The UK is rightfully proud of its long tradition of teaching English to foreign visitors and migrants.

Here you can enroll in language courses with native speakers, and daily exposure to the English-speaking environment and immersion in the local mentality will help you master the language and its features even faster.

If your English requires improvement, then after moving to the UK, you can enroll in local language courses and continue studying it, immersing yourself in the language environment. Photo: Wimbledon English School

8. The ability to use free medicine (but there are aspects)

Although the British approach to treatment differs significantly from that familiar to Russian-speaking migrants, the local healthcare system also has a number of advantages, the main of which is accessibility.

Health care in the UK is divided into two levels: primary care and inpatient care.

Primary care is free for everyone.

Stationary care becomes free for immigrants who rent permanent housing, have a permanent job and have British citizenship or permanent residence status.

Of course, the British government cannot allow immigrants without permanent residence status to live in the country without access to inpatient medicine, which is why there is an Immigration Health Surcharge – a one-time mandatory payment for medical care when applying for a visa. By making this payment, the immigrant has access to hospital care on a par with permanent residents of the UK.

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