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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located on the Arabian Peninsula and is of interest to migrants from Russia and other countries because 25% of the world’s oil reserves are located on its territory. 75% of the kingdom’s treasury is replenished through the extraction and export of oil. However, the country itself is closed. But moving there permanently is quite difficult, but quite real.

The religion in the kingdom is Islam. It should be noted that the religious and legal spheres are closely intertwined. The attitude towards non-Muslim migrants in Arabia is tolerant, but there are many restrictions for “non-Muslims”. Christians are not allowed to visit some places, they are forbidden to hold leadership positions, work in the police and serve in law enforcement agencies. And in general, the attitude of the indigenous people of the country to people of a different faith can be called somewhat arrogant.

Along with restrictions on non-Muslims, there are disadvantages that apply to all persons migrating to the Kingdom:

Hot climate
The traditions and foundations of society based on Sharia are not always clear to citizens of other countries
Strict immigration policy and difficulties in obtaining citizenship
No rights for women
Severity of local laws
However, be that as it may, the benefits of moving to Arabia are clear. Especially for adherents of the Muslim faith.

Highly paid work in the field of extraction and processing of “black gold”
Wide opportunities for investors and opening their own business in the kingdom
Large funds from the state treasury go to improve healthcare, education and sports, state programs are being developed to improve the quality of life

Relatively inexpensive standard of living
Low crime rate
Despite the closed kingdom, there are still several ways to immigrate to Saudi Arabia.

Method one: marriage. Indigenous Arabian men are allowed to marry a woman of a different faith. However, after marriage, the wife is obliged to accept to become a Muslim. After marriage, the spouse, with the permission of the spouse, is issued a residence permit for 5 years.

After a five-year period, at the request of her husband and a positive reference from the rector of the temple, a woman can obtain citizenship of Saudi Arabia. However, it is worth considering that women in the kingdom have very few rights. A woman cannot drive a car. It is necessary to walk the streets in black national clothes, with a covered head and, in some cases, a covered face.

Method two: training. There are medical, humanitarian, technical universities here. However, the quality of education in Arabia does not quite meet world standards. The inhabitants of the kingdom themselves prefer to send their children to study abroad. The exception is spiritual higher institutions. They occupy leading positions in the education system of the Islamic world and are quite prestigious.

In order to become a student of the spiritual university, you can pass the entrance exams remotely or by arriving in person on a tourist visa. The training lasts from five to seven years. Initially, a residence permit is issued only for a year, after, on the recommendation of the leadership of the Theological University – until the end of education. Permanent residence can be obtained after 5 years of study. With permanent residence, you can already apply for citizenship.

Method three: employment. The kingdom requires narrow specialists in the field of medicine, oil refining, bankers, teachers of foreign languages, programmers. The employer inviting the employee takes all the costs associated with obtaining a visa and the arrival of the employee in the country. The employer must also provide housing or compensation for its cost. Entry for an employee is granted on a work visa. With this visa, you can stay in the country for a year. Then you can get a residence permit for a year, and then for five.

Method four: investing and starting your own business. If there is a desire to invest money in the industry of Arabia, then it must be borne in mind that projects from 300 thousand dollars are being considered. The application for investment is considered remotely. If the project is of interest to the Main Investment Department of the Kingdom, then an investment visa for a year is opened.

After an interview and approval, a temporary residence permit is given for two years. And then you can stay for permanent residence. Starting your own business or buying a share of an existing one is similar to investing.  A commercial visa is opened, a residence permit is obtained for a year, and after that for 5 years. After there is a chance to get citizenship. Family members can enter Saudi Arabia with an investor or entrepreneur.

Opening a visa Visas are tourist, commercial, investor, work, student. The visa is issued at the Saudi Arabian Embassy or Visa Application Center after receiving permission to enter the Kingdom.

The residence permit is given by the immigration service of Saudi Arabia. The initial term is 1-2 years. After that, you can get a residence permit for 5 years.

Permanent residence. Available after living in the kingdom for five years. To obtain permanent residence, you must pass a test in English or Arabic. Questions in the test relate to religion, laws, traditions and life of Muslims. It is also necessary to have grounds for obtaining such a status.

Citizenship. After 10 years (5 with a residence permit and 5 with permanent residence), subject to absence in the territory of the kingdom for no more than 6 months, you can become a citizen of Arabia. To do this, you need to score a certain number of points that are awarded for education, type of activity, knowledge of the language, belonging to the Muslim faith and much more. If the male applicant does not score 23 points out of 33, then citizenship will be denied.

Thus, the dream of the amazing East and the transportation of personal belongings to Saudi Arabia, in certain cases, can become a reality. However, one should not forget that the way of life and traditions of Muslims differ significantly from those familiar to citizens of Russia and other states.

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