Vladimir water purification technologies reached the UAE

Emerald Ecotechnologies will produce systems for water purification and disinfectant production in the UAE together with the Arab Ghanim Holding. The deal for $10 million was concluded thanks to federal and regional government support measures. The joint venture, registered in Sharjah, plans to actively develop electrochemical activation (ECA) technology throughout the MENA region.

Since 2017, the Emerald Ecotechnologies company has been developing and manufacturing new generations of electrochemical systems that allow disinfecting and purifying water in any place and quantity without the use of harmful chemicals, obtaining universal and safe disinfectants and detergents.

as well as synthesizing chlorine, caustic soda, hypochlorous acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen and oxygen. The company is a research and production partner of the Vitol Bashir Institute of Electrochemical Systems in Moscow, the world’s leading research center in the field of electrochemical activation technologies.

“Our household equipment is used to produce pure antioxidant drinking water in apartments and offices. Industrial systems are used at water treatment plants for the disinfection and purification of drinking water, sewage, swimming pool water, sea water, as well as in medicine, agriculture and various industries,” explains Petr Ignatius, General Director of Emerald Ecotechnologies.

Since 2020, the company began to increase export deliveries. With the assistance of the export support infrastructure (within the framework of the national project “International Cooperation and Export”), the company was able to significantly modernize its website. The next step was the preparation of commercial proposals.

In addition, Emerald Ecotechnologies decided to take part in the WETEX 2022 exhibition in Dubai at the collective national stand under the Made in Russia brand, also using the state support mechanism developed by the Russian Export Center. At this exhibition.

the company held successful negotiations with a number of companies in the UAE, and when it became clear that the deal was about to conclude a contract, Emerald Ecotechnologies asked for help in legal support of negotiations.

As a result, the company managed to sign a contract worth $10 million, which, in addition to export supplies of equipment, also provides for the creation of a joint production facility in the UAE. So now, unique and unparalleled in the world.

electrochemical systems for water purification and the production of disinfectants and detergents will appear in the main cities of the UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The joint venture plans to actively develop electrochemical activation (ECA) technology throughout the MENA region.

“In order to improve the quality of the search for foreign partners, we are working to identify market niches in various countries of the world based on the Export Heat Map. At the same time, we resort to the assistance of a foreign network, the institute of Russian trade representatives and the experience of foreign representative offices of the Roster State Corporation.

This improves the accuracy of the search, as well as checking the market and directly foreign counterparties. For effective export expansion, some companies may need to localize production facilities abroad. Now we have several such pioneers – and the above-mentioned Emerald Ecotechnologies company is one of them.

This is a high-tech company specializing in the production of water treatment systems, and we are confident that they will succeed. In turn, the government of the Vladimir Region provides the company with comprehensive support,” said Alexander Remiges, First Deputy Governor of the Vladimir Region, who oversees the work of the Ministry of Economic Development and Industry of the Vladimir Region.

Russian exporting companies can apply for participation in the Made in Russia voluntary certification system and in the Made in Russia national brand support program. Information support for the project is provided by the Roscongress Foundation.

Aircraft deliver reagents, such as hygroscopic salt nanoparticles, to the clouds. They attract water droplets inside the cloud, which, when combined, form large ones that fall to the ground under the weight of the weight. Forecaster Ahmad al Kamala speaks about the importance of careful organization of sowing.

“It’s very important to get the timing right, pilots need to be at the location of the cloud before it reaches maturity,” he explains. “The pilots need to get to the vertical development clouds, then the seeding will be successful.”

Sufiyan Farrah, a meteorologist and cloud seeding expert, gives the following figures. “Operations to enhance precipitation and intervention in clouds through seeding with reagents can increase the amount of rain by 10 – 15%. Under favorable conditions.

the figure can reach 25%. It is wrong to think that we are talking about small numbers. Let’s take into account that each cubic kilometer contains about 500 tons of water. For an hour of work with cloud seeding in the UAE, we can extract up to 100,000 cubic meters of water from the clouds.”

Sea water without salt

During the hot summer months, the chance of precipitation decreases. For a year-round drinking water supply, Dubai is turning to its marine resources. More than 90% of drinking water in Dubai comes from the sea. Large desalination plants make it possible to separate salt and produce 200,000 cubic meters of drinking water per day.

Vanessa Fernández Membrilerra of the O&M ACCIONA group talks about the technology: “We take sea water and run it through membranes. We have fresh water on one side and brine on the other. Then we take desalinated water and turn it into drinking water.”

The expert continues: “98% of the water mass on Earth is the seas. In countries like ours, it is the sea that becomes the only source of drinking water.

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